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Sean Kerins A.M.Inst.V has been producing videos since 1980. Sean was one of the first people in Ireland to see the potential of video, having started with a combination of separate camera and portable video-tape recorder. Editing in those days was in-camera and although good results were achieved, the editing that is done today is far superior. All Sean's editing these days is performed using a state of the art Apple-Mac Intel Pro computer and the result is a high definition DVD.

Cameras have also evolved and your wedding is now professionally filmed in superb High Definition using three state of the art cameras on the day to capture all angles.

JVC  High Definition Camera

Sean Kerins who has a passion for filming weddings has also filmed presidents and pop stars and his wealth of experience will be evident in your wedding DVD.

Sean will be very happy to talk to you about your big day and you will find his help and advice invaluable. Also, while filming your big day everything will be set up in such a way that the equipment will be very unobtrusive and won't interfere in any way which will result in your DVD looking very natural and not at all "staged".

Sean is always in the background but misses very little. People often remark that they never even noticed he was there!

Sean will bring his own distinct discrete style to your wedding. Your Wedding DVD will be classy but faithful to the events of the day.

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